TEXAS DISTRICT: Serving Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas

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What We Do

Farm Credit loans and services are tailored to the unique needs of rural communities and agriculture.

Equipment and Livestock Loans

Break new ground, build your herd or bring in the crop with the help of Farm Credit financing for equipment and livestock.

Land Loans

Farm Credit loans for cropland, ranchland and other rural real estate have competitive interest rates, reasonable closing costs and an array of repayment options.

Rural Home Loans

Our lenders can finance a home and acreage with a single loan, saving you time and closing costs. Farm Credit also offers construction loans and refinancing.

Improvement Loans

Our financing can bring you closer to your goals when you want to dig a well, install an irrigation system, build a barn, put up fences or make other property improvements.

Operating Loans

Short- and intermediate-term loans cover labor, inputs and other day-to-day ag operating expenses, and are customized for your production and marketing cycle.

Agribusiness Loans

We have the expertise and funding capacity to handle the complex needs of processing and manufacturing businesses such as sawmills, cotton gins and feed yards.


Leasing vehicles, equipment and facilities is one way to preserve capital, save on taxes, upgrade regularly and save on maintenance costs.


Protect your family’s future and your farming or ranching investment with customizable risk management products from Farm Credit.


Working with Farm Credit means having experienced appraisers on your side who know the value of rural property and specialized ag operations.

What Our Customers Have To Say

In Farm Credit, our customers are also our owners. Here’s what some of them have to say about doing business with us.

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