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Farm Credit has been around for 98 years, helping Americans find their place in the country. In the early years, the focus was primarily on farmers and ranchers who needed a lender with reliable access to funding during good times and bad. Today, Farm Credit continues to be a dependable source of loans for farmers and ranchers, while also financing country homeowners, rural landowners and agribusinesses.

Overview of the Farm Credit System

Watch this video for an informative overview of the Farm Credit System.

Watch this video to learn about our cooperative structure and unique funding model.

Nation's Largest Rural Lender

As a nationwide network of lending cooperatives, Farm Credit is the largest lender to rural America. This nationwide System is made up of four regions. Each region is hosted by a wholesale bank that provides funding to retail lenders serving the general public in that area. Through these wholesale banks, debt is issued on Wall Street, and the money raised flows from investors through these retail institutions in the form of lendable equity to individual borrowers. As borrowers repay their loans, Wall Street receives a return on its investment. This Web site is hosted by one of these four wholesale banks - the Farm Credit Bank of Texas, which serves Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas. Within this region, there are 14 retail lending cooperatives with more than 200 branch offices.

Making Rural Financing Simple

You might be familiar with buying a home in the city, but financing rural property can be more complex. Farm Credit can help you move through the process quickly and easily. We specialize in rural financing, therefore our loan officers know what to watch out for. We can help you get the place of your dreams without any unpleasant surprises, whether you are buying 20 acres or 20,000 acres.

Cooperatives Pay You Back

When you do business with Farm Credit, you benefit from competitive rates, exceptional service and experienced loan officers. You also become part-owner of the lending cooperative, which affords you stockholder rights. You can vote in director elections and important co-op business. In addition, when the cooperative does well financially, borrowers share in the earnings.

View the video below to meet some Farm Credit co-op owners from across the country.

Loans for Every Need

Farm Credit offers a wide variety of financial solutions and loan programs to meet the needs of agriculture
and rural America.

devorative imageFarms and Ranches

Farm Credit specializes in financing farms and ranches, including land purchases and property improvements. In addition, we lend money for operating needs like seed, feed, fertilizer, livestock and equipment purchases. We offer variable- and fixed-rate loans, with terms ranging from 5 to 30 years. And because we understand agriculture, we tailor our loans to meet the production cycle of the operation. You can count on our loan officers to understand the complexities of purchasing rural land, including appraisals and title searches.

devorative imageCountry Homes

Building or buying a home in the country? Consider Farm Credit. We can finance homes on any
size of tract. We offer long-term fixed-rate and variable-rate loans with a variety of payment
options as well as construction loans that can roll into permanent financing with a single closing.

devorative imageRecreational Property

When you need a place in the country to relax, retire or pursue your pastime, talk to Farm Credit. We finance everything from large hunting spreads to lakeside fishing cabins, and weekend farms
to riding stables.

devorative imageHunting Land

Why lease when you can buy your own sportsman's paradise? Farm Credit finances rural land for those who enjoy hunting, fishing and other recreational pursuits. We even finance weekend cabins, lodges and property improvements like fencing and water wells.


From 25-acre fruit farms to 250,000-head cattle feedlots, Farm Credit finances every aspect of agribusiness. Whether a lumber mill, a rural electric co-op or a multi-billion dollar food company or processing facility, Farm Credit does it all and offers cash management services that save our customers time and money.

Resource for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers

Since buying rural property is different from buying property in the city, Farm Credit loan officers frequently partner with Realtors and mortgage brokers to assist their clients seeking rural property loans. The result is a mutually-beneficial relationship that allows Realtors and mortgage brokers to expand their services to better meet the needs of their clients. Click here to find a Farm Credit lender in your area.

Young, Beginning and Small Farmers

It's tough to get started in farming and ranching. Land and equipment prices are sky high, and it's virtually impossible to operate without a significant amount of capital and a reliable lender. Farm Credit lending cooperatives place a high priority on financing and mentoring young, beginning and small farmers. After all, they are our next generation of food producers.

Who is a young, beginning or small farmer/rancher?

devorative imageYoung - age 35 or younger

devorative imageBeginning - 10 years or less experience

devorative imageSmall - less than $250,000 of gross annual agricultural income

View this video to see how one young farmer overcame a difficult year with the trust of his Farm Credit lender.

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